Wednesday, September 14, 2011


$7 Fine for chewing gum. Make Deposits here.

The look of fear in Kristen's eyes at me (Jenny).

Traci - an awesome skater, doing jumps and spinning. She even taught me to skate backwards.

Bonnie skating the night away.

Kitara flew around the rink!

Posing for the camera with Talisia.

Grace, Angela and Jessica (who is an AWESOME S8ER girl)

Some ladies like to get up close and personal ;-) Not these two but some do.
Cristy and Rachel.

Marissa and Angela

Soooooo many things to share about Playland SkateCenter in Austin. I was asked why we were "dressed that way" and I explained that we wanted to dress this way and it was stuff in my closet just dying to be worn together. The young man then gave me a high five and said we rocked - we are new best friends - although he didn't tell me his name or where his apartment is in SoHo but I am sure that if I go back next Tuesday night I will be able to spot him in a crowd of 5.

Tuesday night is adult night and it was AWESOME!! We will be making future appearances at this skating rink. I stole pictures from Kristen and Rachel because I prefer to be photographed then to take the pictures. Thanks ladies for taking pictures. It was an awesome turn out of 13 (I think). I know a few ladies prefer to not be photographed - so we respect their privacy!!

See you at the next GNO,
Jenny on the Block Phillips

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red's Shooting Range

Brittany, Kristen, Tyra and I (Jenny) met up at Red's Shooting Range this past Monday night for target practice. It was Lady's Night at Red's which meant gun rental was free with purchase of ammunition. I had never shot a hand gun before and really had no DESIRE to do such but I love to socialize and hang out with friends so I pushed my comfort zone to a whole new level and ended up having a GREAT time.

Above is Brittany shooting a 22, and her aim is spot on; therefore, I will never challenge her to a duel at high Noon.

Taking great aim and about to get her concealed hand gun license is Tyra.

Notice my stance in the above picture. Apparently wearing heels is not a good plan when you are shooting a man.

Me and my Charlie's Angel Friend posing without our firearms. The safety rules were very important and since I had already loaded the bullet in my gun upside down, I didn't want to take any chances of us getting escorted out. No worries - the safety man in the orange vest was very helpful and drew pretty pictures.

Here we are holding our holy men!! From left to right: Kristen, Tyra, Me, and Brittany. All the holes were made by bullets there was no need for me to poke the man with a ball point pen.

After our showdown we decided to meet up at Wildfire with some women that are afraid to be near me when I am packin heat. There we had yummy food and social time in the lounge.