Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red's Shooting Range

Brittany, Kristen, Tyra and I (Jenny) met up at Red's Shooting Range this past Monday night for target practice. It was Lady's Night at Red's which meant gun rental was free with purchase of ammunition. I had never shot a hand gun before and really had no DESIRE to do such but I love to socialize and hang out with friends so I pushed my comfort zone to a whole new level and ended up having a GREAT time.

Above is Brittany shooting a 22, and her aim is spot on; therefore, I will never challenge her to a duel at high Noon.

Taking great aim and about to get her concealed hand gun license is Tyra.

Notice my stance in the above picture. Apparently wearing heels is not a good plan when you are shooting a man.

Me and my Charlie's Angel Friend posing without our firearms. The safety rules were very important and since I had already loaded the bullet in my gun upside down, I didn't want to take any chances of us getting escorted out. No worries - the safety man in the orange vest was very helpful and drew pretty pictures.

Here we are holding our holy men!! From left to right: Kristen, Tyra, Me, and Brittany. All the holes were made by bullets there was no need for me to poke the man with a ball point pen.

After our showdown we decided to meet up at Wildfire with some women that are afraid to be near me when I am packin heat. There we had yummy food and social time in the lounge.